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Who is Cooper?

Justin A. Sitron, PhD

As a coach, I understand, counsel, inspire, motivate, and serve as your accountability partner.  We set goals together and I follow your priorities.  I help facilitate and support your process of getting where you want to go.

I have undergraduate degrees in Spanish Language and Literature and Education. I have my MEd and PhD in human sexuality, and certificates in sex education and sex therapy from the Sexological Society of Madrid, Spain.  (Sí, los hice en español en España.) I blend my skills as a sexologist, interculturalist, educator, counselor, advocate, and activist in everything I do. I help and support you with a mindset rooted in diversity and inclusion, diverse cultural perspectives, and pleasure and liberation at the center of my work.

I started Support Pup Cooper in spring 2021 after just more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic was raging around the world.  I was working from home, feeling disconnected from my pup and queer communities, enraged about the continuing ongoing injustices of the world, and tired of my professional status quo.  I was most tired of playing the professional game where as leaders we promised change would come and then when it was time to make the hard decisions, change somehow slowed or didn't happen, maintaining the status quo. [Insert frustrated eye roll, cringe face, and tears here.]

So here I am as your support pup: a hybrid of a kinky pup and a sex and relationships coach working to build a more sex-positive, affirming, and inclusive community for queer kinksters and pups. 

I invite you to join me on my journey, and would love to be invited to join yours.


How I Got Here...If you want to know the longer story

I started my career in the US as a teacher of Spanish and English Language Learners, while doing consulting work teaching other teachers and school personnel to make schools safer for LGBTQ+ people and people of color.  After five years of teaching and having students come to me seeking support from me to help make the school better, I decided to go to graduate school to get the skills I needed to do that.


After graduate school, I followed a traditional career pathway. I worked as a community health educator for men, boys, and LGBTQ+ people, then moved into a job designing and evaluating health programs. During those years, I volunteered and served in leadership in an international peace education non-profit, which built my intercultural skills and shaped my global mindset.  Eventually, I landed an academic faculty position and after years teaching and doing research I became an administrator.  That's when I realized I ended up in the farthest place from where I wanted to be.  I had found the kink community along my journey in 2006, and the pup community in 2014, which quickly became one of my happiest of places.  But kinks and pup-land were places where I went to play and have fun.  While that was true, in 2020 things changed as I realized my community could also benefit from all of who I am as a professional.

I have loved everything each of my life experiences has taught me, but I did like that I ended up in a place where my life felt segmented and my spirit to live it was dim.  So, amidst a pandemic and the dark winter of 2020-21, I realized I had the power to put all of my favorite parts of life together to make a more meaningful and authentic impact on the world I lived in.

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