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This is the first episode of Digg’n for Bones. Tucker interviews Support Pup Cooper on his experience as a pup, and asks questions following up on Tuckers first two weeks. Please follow Tucker on Instagram at @Tucker_PDMax and Cooper at @supportpupcooper.

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If it's pup, then it's pup, then it's pup, then let's fuck. I am joined by actual canis americanus Cooper to talk to me about the pup lifestyle. (insert doggy style pun) We talk about puppy play versus furries, the dynamics of consent, and the ways in which we carry our separate personas with us everywhere we go in order to help connect with our most authentic selves. Thank you so much, Cooper, for being the goodest boy in the world, yes you are, for taking the time out of your busy day of naps and getting cuddles to talk about this very important area within the queer community.

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Cooper makes his way onto the pod to talk all things pup play, self-acceptance and why fetishists benefit from kink-specific coaching. After the break, the pups talk more about the benefits of wagging more and the bravery it takes to be yourself in public.


Ed interviews Support Pup Cooper to have a chat about all kinds of things that might make your tail wag! All gay (and queer), all the time! 

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Our guest this time, Support Pup Cooper (aka Dr. Justin Sitron), is a professor, sexologist, sexuality educator, and advocate for diversity and inclusion. He’s also a coach who helps his clients get the most joy out of their sex lives and relationships. 

As a culturally responsive and kink-affirming sexuality educator, his social media and educational programming aim to make the LGBTQ+ BDSM, pup play, and pet play communities inclusive and affirming so players of all backgrounds can find safety and belonging among other pups, pets, and kinksters. 


Cooper occasionally writes for JetPup's Diary, talking about all things pup play. He also serves as the JetPack's Alpha pup.

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