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An Introduction to Sexual Identity

At the heart of our sexuality is who we are - our identity.

Sexual identity helps us...

  • understand ourselves

  • describe ourselves to others

  • connect to others with the same or different identities

  • provide others with ways to describe or refer to us respectfully

Sexual identity is often thought of as who we are/aren't attracted to, what kind of sex we want, our gender. It is also a of other things.

Sexual identities are located within cultures and societies.

They are fluid and flexible.

Sexual identities can make us feel like we belong. They can also make us feel ostracized.

Many of us hold many sexual identities or few.

Our sexual identities intersect with other identities we have, like our social class, ability status, race, language, body shape, etc.

How our identities intersect matters a lot!

A black gay man who is able and living in the US will experience the world differently than a white bisexual woman who is disabled and living in Japan.

We learn early in life about which identities hold power and privilege, often without even realizing what those mean.

We see people embraced and accepted, while we see others judged and oppressed.

Our pride and confidence in our identity can boost us!

Sexual identity includes these elements...





Sexual Interests

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