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Puppy Paws

Different gear can always be used to help make you feel more like a pup, one such example are paws!

Human paws are enough. You don't need to spend money or time buying or making puppy paws. Many pups enjoy paws because they look cool, more dog-like, or serve a functional purpose like limiting dexterity (bondage) or padding to make crawling more comfortable. A lot of paws you can put on yourself, but some require assistance because they buckle or lock. If you use locks, remember - safety first!

One of the most common types of paws are those that wrap around your hand like gym wrist wraps, but cover your hand. This type still lets you use your fingers and thumbs. They are great for social settings like bars or parties.

Two pairs of puppy paws in blue and red.

Mitt type paws cover your whole hand and may have padding. These are like bondage mitts. They can get uncomfortable after a while, especially if you are crawling around. Your knuckles and hands may get sore. One trick I like is rolling up a sock and holding it inside your fist before you put the mitt on. To avoid injury, never put your thumb inside your fist - thumb stays on the outside of or alongside your fist.

A single mitt style paw

Some pups follow specific protocol with their paws:

  • They require someone else to put them on to help them get into headspace.

  • They put them on in a particular process.

  • They use certain ones in certain spaces or for certain times.

  • Some do not lend or share paws with others because they feel like part of themselves.

Your paws are your paws! Use them how you want, and don't let anyone pressure you one way or another. Make your own protocol if you want!

Lots of pups use footwear and/or socks for their back/hind paws (human feet). You can coordinate your footwear to go with your other pup gear. There's lots of cool pup socks, but here is a pic of my favorite pair from Sk8erboy (@sk8erboy_com).

A couple considerations about safety:

  • When using paws that limit your dexterity or use of fingers/toes, be sure you have support for life's logistics (opening clothes to use restroom, eating/drinking, etc.).

  • Staying fed and hydrated are essential always, don’t let paws get in the way.

  • Using locks to keep gear on can be fun and help access headspace. Be sure to have back up keys, ability to remove locks in emergency, etc. Make a safety plan with your key holder(s).

Paws are essential for some but are never required, but if they're for you, make sure you are comfortable, safe and have a good time!

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