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Puppy Tails

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Pup tails can be as unique as the pup who wears them. Curly, straight, fluffy, smooth, fuzzy silicone, fabric, etc. However, not all pups like to wear tails, here are some reasons why:

  • They don’t feel right

  • People pull on them (lack of manners/consent in public)

  • They don’t fit (on a belt or a butt)

  • They may not want to wear one

  • Pups don’t have to wear them all the time!

You can get your tail from brick-and-mortar shops, online retailers, buy from a friend, or make one yourself! Tails can be pricey, especially the high grade silicone ones, ranging about US$40-150. You may want to borrow a friend's tail to see what they are like - you just might want to clean it if it's an insertable one before and after you use it.

Vocabulary: Tails

Insertable tail = similar to a butt plug and has a tail coming off the base of the plug.

Show tail = a tail that hooks to a belt or waistband.

Where to get a tail.

No two tails are alike, especially from different brands. A size 'small' from one retailer is not a 'small' from another. Buying an insertable tail? Consider buying a butt plug from the same brand to size yourself before going all-in on a tail that isn't right for you. Compare dimensions of brands by looking at the sizes in the products description. Already have a toy that's a good size? Measure it by wrapping a string around it.

Size matters. Not the way you think. 😉

You are not a better or worse pup if you have a thick tail or a small one. Buy a tail that is a comfortable size. If you can't wear it, it's just another toy on a shelf. Consider the kind of tail and the best lube for it. Most sellers recommend lube to use. Use lube to insert it comfortably -- but not so much that it will slide out.

Tails have helpful accessories.

Some pup gear has zippers or holes in it for the tail to attach to our stick out of. Tail harnesses can help hold an insertable tail in place. The belt they come with can also support a show tail. A cool hack is to use holster clips attached to the show tail base to clip your tail onto pants, jockstraps, or undies that don't have belt loops.

Whatever tail you choose, just make sure to wag it with pride and make sure it makes you happy!

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