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World AIDS Day - HIV/AIDS Resources

December 1 is world AIDS day, which aims to build awareness of HIV and AIDS, which affect Americans and people around the world 24/7. Here are some links to organizations and resources doing work to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS.

Rural Health Information Hub - This link points to a website with a video about how HIV/AIDS affect rural America uniquely.

Talk to Your Family Doctor about PrEP - This website describes what PrEP is and how to talk to your family doctor about it. Too many family doctors don't know about PrEP, who qualifies, and how to go about prescribing it. Black Gay Pulitzer Winner Michael R. Jackson Uses Theater to Challenge HIV and Sexual Stigma - Jackson's theatrical production called A Strange Loop follows the misadventures of a Black, gay theater usher, named Usher, forced to ghostwrite a new Tyler Perry movie while dealing with crippling thoughts—which frequently manifest to torture him—and the limitations imposed on navigating New York’s white patriarchy–dominated gay scene. The show addresses the intersections of racialized identity, HIV stigma, pride, joy, and the realities of Black gay and bisexual men navigating their world.


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